Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether it’s a road traffic accident, a slip or a trip, an accident at work, an industrial injury, you have been criminally assaulted or you have suffered illness on holiday, let us help. Look no further than Dominic Thompson & Co Solicitors, Personal Injury Lawyers in Preston to help you with your claim for compensation.

We have a vast experience in this area of law and over the years our team have helped to recover millions of pounds in compensation.

We can guarantee you a fast and friendly service and win or lose you will not receive our bill.

Our team is led by Dominic Thompson, a solicitor who has specialised in personal injury cases since 1999. Dominic has an expertise in all areas of personal injury law, from minor road traffic accidents to life altering permanent injuries.

We always like to deal directly with our clients and your claim will always be handled by a qualified practitioner with years of experience. Be wary of other practices because this is not always the case elsewhere.

We always strive – and usually succeed – in getting you the maximum compensation for your claim in the quickest possible time. This is because we want you to become yet another satisfied customer of Dominic Thompson & Co Solicitors and tell your friends and family just what a good job we did for you.

If you have had an accident or have sustained an injury and you are considering making a claim or if you are already making a claim but are not happy with your solicitor, call Dominic Thompson on 01772 32 97 32 or out of hours on 07736 081456 and we will let you know if we can help.  We are a highly professional and  friendly law firm, let us prove it to you.